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    Snug House

    2015 Winner - HIA GreenSmart Energy Efficieny Award (Tasmania) An example of an energy-efficient home design which can be achieved for any new house build on a modest budget. This three-bedroom, single level home uses solar passive design - delivering a comfortable year-round ambient...
    Snug, TAS 7054
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    Going off grid in retirement is a dream for many, and reality for this couple who run their house and car from a solar and micro-hydro power system. When Peter and Robyn Tuft decided to make a move from Sydney to Southern Tasmania, they sometimes joked about being climate change refugees –...
    Kettering, TAS 7155
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    Mountain River House

    My 9.0 star house was architecturally designed to utilise the northern exposure in order to maintain a relatively constant temperature within the house year round. Cost saving features such as solar PV panels and a heat pump hot water system help reduce the running costs and the solar passive...
    Mountain River, TAS 7109
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    Torquil Canning House

    A late 20th century house designed along passive-solar principals in a spectacular setting in the foothills of Mt Wellington.  This is our grand design, 20 year on. Designed and built in four stages over 20 years, this owner-built house was part owner designed and part architect designed. The...
    Fern Tree, TAS 7054
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    Eco-Tourism Village Huon Bush Retreats

    At Huon Bush Retreats, we do more than just greenwash. We have designed our business so that there is a net environmental benefit. We achieve this through protection of large areas of natural habitats, careful choice of building materials, a mix of energy sources and neutral water cycle. The...
    Huonville, TAS 7109
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    River House

    We recently completed our passive solar designed house and home office in River Street, nestled behind the dunes of Carlton Beach and opposite a beautiful wetland leading to the river mouth. The site is north facing, sheltered from strong winds and facing the most beautiful backyard – a nature...
    Carlton, TAS 7173
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    Tolmans Hill House

    Completed in February 2015, this north-facing, passive solar pole home in Hobart's cool temperate climate has high levels of insulation, excellent cross ventilation and some thermal mass. On a very steep slope, the house was designed for multi-generational/disability access throughout. It has a 3...
    Tolmans Hill, TAS 7007
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    Progressive renovation of an inner suburb brick veneer house from 2013 to 2016 by installing R5 ceiling batts, R2.5 under floor batts. All windows upgraded to Kommerling Unplasticised polyvinyl chloride frame with double glazing. Weatherising flooring end gaps. Enclosing external hot water cylinder...
    Glenorchy, TAS 7010
  • Our Retirement Home

    Renovated & remodelled 1970s house to achieve solar passive design with polished cement floor in daily living spaces, double glazed windows, throughout & rendered external cladding is 75mm thick expanded polystyrene. Built using universal design principles for elderly inhabitants....
    Evandale, TAS 7212
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    Organic Living

    This is an owner build and designed solid timber house. The aim was to design a self performing house which is comfortable for living, blends into the environment in terms of material use and architecture, is simple, pleasing and timeless to the eye and contains the least embodied energy (CO2),...
    Sheffield, TAS 7306
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    NEAThouse Dodges Ferry

    Each NEAThouse is beautiful to look at and to live in as well as economical to heat and cool and our  'NEATbox', is no different. We prioritise the use of natural and sustainable materials and materials that are free from any harmful chemicals or effects. Where possible, we source building...
    Dodges Ferry, TAS 7173
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    Monika's House

    This house is a passive solar house. 80% of the glazing is located at the northern side to collect solar radiation, which is stored within a 120 dark tiled concrete slab and interior concrete block wall. The building envelope is highly insulated, R7 in the ceiling, R5 in the walls and R3 under the...
    Geilston Bay, TAS 7010
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    Westbury renovation a few years later

    We bought the house in 2008 with the express intention of renovating in a sustainable manner. It was opened in 2010 to 2012 with many visiting to explore the improvements. Now we would invite people to see how it is standing the test of time 5 years later. It features heat pump hot water, natural...
    westbury, TAS 7303