Chifley Passivhaus 2017

Chifley Passivhaus
Chifley 2606
Housing Type
Standalone House
House Size
140 sqm
Number of bedrooms
Number of bathrooms
Project Type
New Build
Opening Hours

This house is one of ten in Australia built and certified to the International Passivhaus standard. It features high levels of insulation, thermal bridges free construction and super-airtightness. Independent testing measured an air infiltration rate of 0.1 ACH at 50Pa, about 200 times tighter than the average Canberra home. When coupled with a whole-house ventilation system with heat recovery, the internal air is fresh and the temperature stays comfortable all the time in every room.  Greatly reduced allergies and the absence of traffic noise are other bonuses.

The house takes advantage of winter sun to heat the home and has all the ingredients of a solar passive house like double-glazed north-facing windows, deep eaves, high thermal mass floors and windows placed to encourage cross-ventilation. But what takes this house to the next level is the airtight membranes used to completely seal the house, the placement of insulation to completely decouple the slab from the ground and the use of sandwich panels to avoid thermal bridges.

Heating and cooling have not been used for the last 24 months. Even on cold frosty mornings when it is -7 deg C outside, it is a cosy 20 deg C inside. Live temperature and CO2 measurements are viewable online.


Energy rating type
Energy rating
9 stars
Building Type
Structural insulated panels
Windows and Doors
Double glazing
Window/door materials and coverings
Adustable Shading
Water heating
Hot water heat pump
Passive heating cooling
Cross ventilation
Active heating cooling
Heat exchange ventilation system
Type: Sandwich panels,
Rating: R5
Internal and external walls
Type: Structural Insulated Panels,
Rating: R3.4
Type: Insulated Concrete Slab,
Rating: R4.8
Previously Open
2015, 2016
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