Thank you for your interest in being a Community Group Coordinator for Sustainable House Day. The date will be Sunday 20th September and homes will be open between 10am-4pm.

What your participation means to us

Everything. Without the valuable contribution of community groups this wonderful initiative would not be possible. As a grassroots event we are aiming to empower the nation to embrace eco-friendly and sustainable practices within their home and lifestyle. Through this peer to peer education event, your valuable knowledge and experience will help us engage and inspire your community to take their own steps to living a lighter existence on the planet as well as promote the benefits of sustainability. In exchange, we hope that you find this rewarding event to participate in and support. We thank you again for your time and commitment.

Participating Homes guidelines

To ensure the integrity and high quality of sustainable homes for Sustainable House Day 2020, all submissions will be required to have a minimum of four sustainable features and will be subjected to an approval process by the organising committee. All decisions are final and no correspondence will be entered into.

Application process

To apply to become a community group for Sustainable House Day you need to complete all  sections of the online profile. We estimate the form to take approximately 5 minutes to complete and recommend you have all information with you when filling out.

Approval process

The assessment for approval will be done by the Alternative Technology Association.  All groups will be required to:

  • Source homes that will meet SHD selection criteria for 2018
  • Source and supply volunteers to help home owners on the day
  • To ensure/distribute all the current information required for the event to home owners
  • To ensure all paperwork is sent back to the organisers when required (risk assessment forms, sign in sheets etc.)

How we will support you.

The ATA and the team at Sustainable House Day are here to support you. We will provide you with all the documents and signage required to assist any open homes and buildings. In addition, we will be conducting a national marketing, PR and social media campaign to build a profile of the event and the homes opening. Our assistance includes:

  • A step-by-step How-To Event Guide with relevant tips and suggestions
  • A media guide along with template media releases to use in the promotion of your group, events and homes open
  • Poster and flyer templates
  • Directional signage and resource material that can be downloaded from the SHD website
  • Ability to advertise and events that you will be organising in conjunction with SHD on the website calendar
  • Promotion of your group on our eNewletters that go out to over 19.000 subscribers

your property to be used in the marketing and promotion of Sustainable House Day. You provide permission for images to  be used online, in magazine spreads or in the promotion of SHD.

Your responsibilities as a Community Group  – Terms & Conditions

As a community group for Sustainable House Day you agree to the below terms and conditions:

  • SHD will be operating between the hours of 10am to 4pm on Sunday 16th September 2018. Homeowners and participating community groups are required to have the homes/properties open during this time. (Minimum 4 hours between these times, if they are different from 10am – 4pm they must be noted on the home profile page)
  • The event will be advertised free entry. Homeowners and community groups have the option to request a “gold coin” donation for entry into the home with funds to be used at their own discretion. The charity will need to be disclosed on the house profile page, a receipt will need to be sent to the ATA after the event for our records (this will not be published anywhere). However, it is the responsibility of the homeowner/community groups to investigate with their own insurance company whether the acceptance of donations does not negate their house insurance policy in any way.
  • Houses can be either owner occupied or ‘green’ display houses. This may include a builders own display house, development, renovation company.
  • Sustainably designed and operated commercial buildings can also be opened on the day.
  • All area based expenses are the responsibility of the participating local coordinating group. The event organising partners are not responsible for any local funding or costs.
  • Local Community Groups have the option to raise funds through obtaining their own sponsors for their local event. However, it is essential that no sponsorship agreement interferes with the national/state sponsorship arrangements organised by national SHD management.
  • Community groups are not permitted to offer commercial entities any promotional coverage via the national marketing activities such as the official event website, social media accounts or PR. This is restricted exclusively to national/state sponsors only.
  • Any commercial agreement is between you, the community group and the commercial identity.
  • All open homes and properties will need to display national/state sponsor brochures for visitors.
  • All participating houses/properties must carry a current House/building and contents Insurance policy
  • Representatives of your community group will select houses based on the guidelines provided by the management. Final approval is up to the national organisers.
  • Community Groups are responsible for ensuring household profiles are uploaded to the event website.
  • Community Groups will be responsible for sourcing volunteers or experts for each house.
  • Community Groups will be responsible for making contact with any like-minded community groups who can promote the event in your area.
  • Community Groups will have the opportunity to display your community group’s signage at the houses opening.
  • Community Groups will be asked to nominate houses at which the national sponsors can set up displays to promote their products. Home owners must be prepared to accommodate their displays.
  • Community Groups will nominate a Group spokesperson capable of undertaking interviews and advise Management accordingly.
  • The Community Group must supply a copy of public liability insurance to the value of $10 million indemnity.
  • Community Groups must take all precautions in respect of factors such as public safety, fire and emergency procedures, public health, first aid and child protection pursuant of the Child Protection (Prohibited Employment) Act 1998. A risk management document will be supplied to assist.
  • Community Groups must provide event feedback using the template supplied by the Management. This is to be returned to the Management no later than the date listed on the form.
  • If your group has a website, social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) or email addresses you are required to place a reciprocal link to the Sustainable House Day site. An appropriate ad tile will be supplied.
  • Selection of Community Groups is the Management’s decision. This decision is final and no dialogue will be entered into. Successful Community Groups will be ones that have the volunteer numbers, house contacts as well as the ability and networks to assist with and ensure the successful operation of the day in their area.
  • Ancillary events: you have an opportunity to build on SHD in your area. Your group may choose to have a workshop, presentation, competition. or other events as part of the day. Each area will be free to design events to suit individual needs. An Ancillary Event Form must be completed and returned to Management. This will then be listed on the SHD Calendar.
  • If you are having any difficulties that inhibit your ability to carry out this agreement you must inform the Management immediately.