There will be 13 Australia’s leading environmentally progressive tiny houses opening to the public this year on Sunday 16 September. Come and take inspiration from the amazing flexibility and freedom provided by these houses and share your stories with us on Sustainable House Day!

For more information about tiny houses’ future development and challenges read the ABC article here

Tiny houses available to visit on 16 September include:


Prefabricated Folding House – Belmore


Tiny Houses Brisbane – Linx Model – Ningi

Swallowtail – Complete Tiny House on Wheels – The Tiny Houser Company – Salisbury


Liberté – Belgrave South

Sandy’s Tiny – Benalla

Solar Skillion Sleepout – Benalla

The Loft – Nestd – Port Melbourne

Mobility Friendly Tiny House – Tiny Footprint – Kinglake West

The Mayflower – Tiny Footprint – Kinglake West

Tiny Chapel on Wheels – Tiny Footprint – Kinglake West

Tiny House – Tiny House Solutions – Warranwood


Tobyhome – Quindalup

7 Doust Straw – Hilton