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    rutherglen hemp house

    Hempcrete construction including most internal walls. Surefoot foundation system , no concrete involved. UPVC windows and doors that are multiple sealed, house is airtight. Passive solar design.

    rutherglen, VIC 3685
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    Armadale Passivhaus

    We’ve transformed an old weatherboard house into a modern, comfortable and super-energy efficient home using Passivhaus principles.  The house has been extensively renovated with very high levels of insulation, triple glazing, windows oriented to maximise northern light and is wrapped in an airtight membrane. Fresh air is provided by a mechanical ventilation system to constantly provide […]

    Armadale, VIC 3143
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    The Bunker

    The Bunker was extended and renovated with a young growing family in mind. The owners were very conscious of sustainability and wanted a healthy, low impact, energy efficient home. By extending and renovating rather than a pull down and rebuild the home owners were able to cut costs along with minimising their landfill contribution and […]

    Moorabbin, VIC 3189
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    Pb and Swabodhi's strawbale

    We are situated on a hectare deliberately chosen between town and the coast. We designed our home to have a low running cost and to be comfortable to live in with no additional cooling needed in summer and minimal heating in winter. Internal earth render was obtained from our block which we covered with a […]

    Margaret River, WA 6285
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    Vieska, Bedfordale

    Our recently completed passive solar home on a semi-rural property was designed and orientated to maximise northern exposure as well as views down the valley to the south.  In summer, sails and deciduous vines shade the northern windows and double glazing to the south keeps the ambient heat out. The long, narrow floor plan with […]

    Bedfordale, WA 6112
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    Mudgee Hempcrete House 2

    Hempcrete home. This elongated home capitalises on its position, elevated above an infrequent creek with views across the landscape. One of few clearings on a property that typifies the gentle slopes of the Mudgee area with creek flats below. The entry to the home leads you along a sweeping driveway past the utilitarian shed that […]

    Grattai, NSW 2850
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    Stucco Co-operative – Solar + Storage in multi-unit apartment housing

    Stucco is a housing co-operative for low-income students of the University of Sydney. It has 46 bedrooms and 25 bathrooms in this heritage listed building. In December 2016, Stucco became the first apartment building in Australia to install Solar PV and battery storage. This pioneering initiative was led by student tenants of the co-operative, with […]

    Newtown, NSW 2042
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    Rainbow House

    The name Rainbow House is from the unexpected delight of the sun refracting off the louvre edges in different parts of the house throughout the day. This is a house designed for the tropics. It is a modest size. A careful choice of orientation is the major reason for efficiency and comfort. There are louvres […]

    SARINA, QLD 4737
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    Enid’s Eco house

    Passive solar design principles with living areas and courtyards facing north. Minimal areas of glazing facing west and east. Appropriate shading to all glazing allowing winter sun to penetrate into the building and summer sun to be excluded. Good cross ventilation with a maximum of 2 rooms deep. Double glazing used throughout resulting in less […]

    Kelmscott, WA 6111