Eco house: Strawbale in the suburbs

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For committed ‘greenies’ Margaret and Charles Madden, building an eco-house had been on the bucket list for a long time. Their opportunity came with the purchase of a terraced hillside block in the Adelaide suburb of Lynton, with good solar access to the north and views of the sea. A chance encounter with local sustainable designer Bohdan Dorniak led to a fruitful partnership that resulted in the Maddens’ cosy and energy efficient strawbale home.

“I mentioned strawbale kind of as a joke when we first met,” laughs Bohdan, “but it quickly turned into a serious option – Charles and Margaret warmed to the idea straight away, they liked the idea of its comfort, warmth and acoustic properties.”

Bohdan’s design features rendered strawbale external walls, an internal stone wall and concrete slab floor for thermal mass, and a long narrow plan allowing north-facing windows in every room. With the help of double-glazed windows, appropriately designed shading, and R6 insulation in the ceiling, the house achieves an impressive 8.5 Star energy rating.

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