A Green Life or a Green lie?

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The Bioscience of Creating Healthy Spaces
Saturday 28th October 2017
Learn from world-changing thinkers and innovators in the Sustainable and Environmental Health Community

Uncover the hidden health saboteurs wreaking havoc on you & your family’s wellbeing in your home and workspaces. Navigate ‘greenwashing’, ’eco’ and ‘smart’ labels to find authentically healthy products to create your home and workspace.

Workshops on Hemp building & design, see a hemp wall demonstration, air quality including mould, solar and lighting EMR health and starting a family, measuring & detecting energy fields, dowsing, plus much much more….

Please join us for this very unique event and begin creating healthier sustainable sanctuaries at home and at work from scratch or retropectively.

Hear from celebrated professionals and world changing leaders tackling environmental health issues connected to EMR, air quality, safe technology, smartmeters and healthy wiring and learn about the exciting newcomer hemp for building, growing, fabric, food, medicine and fashion.

​Head to the Space Clinic website for more information and to book tickets, Click here to download the program