8.4 Star Cottage with Contemporary Addition 2017

8.4 Star Cottage with Contemporary Addition
Beulah Park 5067
Housing Type
Standalone House
House Size
Number of bedrooms
Number of bathrooms
Weber Building Services
Project Type
Renovation Retrofit
Paul Hendy, TS4 Living
Opening Hours
10am to 4pm

A TS4 Living home proving you don’t need to demolish the past to live in the future. The brief: take a small, poorly orientated listed cottage built in 1904 and transform it into a 165m2 family home for the future. The response: add a new addition with ample Northern light and a basement and mezzanine floor creating an incredible space which doubles the living area without dramatic impact on the small allotment.

The single storey home had a typical lean-to kitchen and bathroom addition to the rear. Very cold in the winter and ferociously hot in the summer the addition was demolished leaving the original house intact. The use of contemporary cladding materials like wide tin profiles in Colorbond and Corten Steel visually delineates old from new.

The home is designed to be climate responsive and comfortable – using orientation as well as the latest technologies like home automation that controls external blinds for shading, ceiling fans and windows for air movement and monitors the temperature and humidity to automatically vent the home at night time via an air transfer system during the summer months and move warmth created by a radiant/convection wood heater in the winter.

A 5.3kW solar panel array provides energy for free hot water produced by the thermodynamic hot water system while the naturally-lit basement, where the master bedroom with ensuite is located, acts as a huge thermal store. Thermal performance has increased almost nine-fold to 8.4 Star, completely transforming the home and the family’s lifestyle.

Architect: Paul Hendy, TS4 Living

Builder: Weber Building Services

To hear more about this house from the Adelaide Sustainable Building Network – Sustainable House Day Showcase 2017 click here


Cost estimate of sustainable home/features
Energy rating type
Energy rating
8.4 Star
Universal Design Features
Adaptive design
Building Type
Lightweight construction
Double brick
Insulated panels
Recycled and reused
Sustainable materials
Recycled aggregate low-carbon concrete, plantation-grown timber frame
Healthy home materials
Low VOC paints, porcelain ceramic tiles
Windows and Doors
Double glazing
Clerestory windows
Window/door materials and coverings
Adustable Shading
Renewable energy
Solar PV grid connect
Energy storage
Water heating
PV supplied thermodynamic solar hot water
Passive heating cooling
Cross ventilation
Thermal chimney
Earth tubes and habitable basement
Active heating cooling
Heat pump
Ceiling fans
Automated air transfer and ventilation system
Type: Plasterboard ceiling with rigid PIR insulation and fibreglass batts,
Rating: R6.2
Internal and external walls
Type: 90mm timber frame with rigid PIR insulation and fibreglass batts,
Rating: R5.6
Sealed build envelope with microporous breathable build wrap and reflective rigid PIR insulation under
Water harvesting and water saving
Underground storage
Type: Rigid type,
Size: 5000L
Low flow shower heads
Low flow taps
Drip irrigation
Energy efficiency
Efficient lighting
Draught proofing
Efficient appliances
Energy monitoring
Smart home features
Basement used as a thermal store for coolth and warmth during the summer and winter months respectively. Earth tubes for thermally moderated natural ventilation. Automated air transfer system to move cool and warm air around the home.
Drip irrigation
Water wise plants
Native plants
Green walls
Council property located in:
City of Burnside
Connected to gas?