The Nest 2017

The Nest
Brunswick West 3055
Housing Type
Standalone House
House Size
Number of bedrooms
Number of bathrooms
Macasar Building
Project Type
Brave New Eco (schematic and interior) and Geometrica (building design)
Entry Fee
Gold Coin Donation
Charity donations will go to
Cystic Fibrosis Victoria
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The renovation of this Californian bungalow sought to create better spaces for a resourceful and low impact family life. The original house had poorly configured small rooms, lacked natural light, felt closed in, and chewed through the energy in winter. The owners Phil and Bec were keen to open the home to the productive vegie gardens and warmth of northern sunlight. Designers Brave new eco and Geometrica collaborated to revise the layout, remove the lean too back of the house and rebuild a passive solar extension in which a kitchen, walk-in pantry, bathroom, laundry and dining-room were configured in a modest 32m2. An outdoor deck and pergola opened the house to the north and the spaces were made to feel more expansive than it really was with a high-pitched ceiling and a deep window seat running along the north side of the room. The overall footprint was actually reduced by 1m2 from the original footprint, yet encompassed a second bathroom, larger, bedrooms and more spacious living areas through clever space saving design. Thermal mass was introduced by use of an insulation concrete slab, and space heating installed so the new area could be zoned from the old for heating. Old technologies and systems were upgraded, including Solar hot water, a PV array, induction cooking and water tanks. Extensive recycled, locally made and sustainably manufactured materials and furnishings were used throughout, as well as best choice Low VOC materials and sealants.

Architect: Brave New Eco and Geometrica

Builder: Macasar Building


Cost estimate of sustainable home/features
Energy rating type
First Rate
Energy rating
Universal Design Features
Building Type
Lightweight construction
Recycled and reused
Kitchen/bath cabinets
Sustainable materials
Boral ‘Envirocrete’ 32MPa 20mm 30% cement replacement with recycled aggregate in slab. Timber is sourced from sustainably managed forests and accrues timber Credits in the Green Star Materials Calculator (including KDHW recycled messmate timbers Laminex EO Range, ABS edging – Natural finish Laminex MR EO whiteboard melamine Eco specifier Global GreenTag GreenRate Level A certified products). Furnishings: Recycled interior doors, saved skirtings and architraves for reuse, refurbished vintage light fittings, reused existing spa bath- reconditioned motor and relocated to new bathroom. Vanity: Repurposed art deco vintage drinks trolley – restored. Reused existing laundry tub. Exterior: Reused exterior bricks throughout landscaping, Re-use of drop down exterior awning to western windows, Reuse of existing large window and weatherboards for exterior shed, Reuse of existing timber sleepers for seating
Healthy home materials
Resene - Zylone Sheen – Low sheen acrylic Low odour product Environmental Choice approved product VOC C. 26 grams per litre; Livos Kunos Natural Oil Sealer 3 coats of penetrating oil sealer to all interior timbers Natural linseed oil based product;
Windows and Doors
Double glazing
Window/door materials and coverings
Adustable Shading
Renewable energy
Solar PV grid connect
Water heating
Solar hot water (evacuated tube)
Passive heating cooling
Cross ventilation
Thermal chimney
Active heating cooling
Ceiling fans
space heating - gas log fire
Type: Tontine Insulation,
Rating: ‘Thermal Batts & Rolls’ R4.5 (225mm) polyester batts over existing ceiling insulation and Thermal & Sound Batts’ 2 layers R2.5 (90mm) polyester batts = R5.0 (180mm) in new
Internal and external walls
Type: Wall Sarking Ametalin ‘SilverSark-xR’ double sided medium vapour barrier / reflective foil laminate (over studs / under battens),
Rating: External Walls (New) Tontine Insulation ‘Thermal & Sound Batts’ R2.5 (90mm) polyester batts Internal Walls (New) Tontine Insulation ‘Thermal & Sound Batts’ R1.5 polyester batts to all new internal stud walls
Water harvesting and water saving
Above ground storage
Type: Galvanised Steel Rain tanks,
Size: 1 No. 3580L round tank, 2 & 3 2 No. 4350L slimline tanks total 8200L plumbed to laundry toilets and garden Pump Davey ‘Rainbank KRB1 kit’ pump & dual source controller
Energy efficiency
Efficient lighting
Draught proofing
Efficient appliances
Energy monitoring
Water wise plants
Edible garden
Native plants
Council property located in:
Moreland City Council
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