The Strawbale House, Blackheath 2018

The Strawbale House, Blackheath
Blackheath 2785
(Full address of homes will only be displayed 2 weeks prior to SHD)
10am - 4pm
House Open Style
Open House - No Booking required
Housing Type
Standalone House
Project Type
New Build
MKC building design
Owner builder
House Size
300 m2
Number of bedrooms
Number of bathrooms

I designed my house to be special, calm, curved, warm, welcoming, light, open and contemporary.

At the same time it had to be sensitive to its native bush setting, and economic to build and to live in – both financially and in environmental terms.

Parts of the house are more artwork than building. Textures, timbers and natural materials make it tactile and smooth. Shapes and angles of curved walls and deep rounded window sills give it warmth; while nooks and lofts give it a playful aspect. It was all made by hand, by family, friends and skilled craftsmen and women using materials from the site or as local as possible.

In the harsh mountains climate, we are warm in winter thanks to plentiful on-site fire wood and the grid connected PV system, heat pumps and underfloor hydronic heating. In summer the wide eaves, thick strawbale walls and thermal mass of the slab and cob walls keep the house cool and comfortable. The house is virtually energy neutral over the year.

Winner of the BDAA 2017 – Chris Reardon Memorial Award for Residential sustainable buildings

You will be able to read more about this home in the upcoming issue of Sanctuary magazine.

Designed by MKC building design
Photography by A Shot Above, Blackheath


Universal design accessability
Adaptive design
BAL Rating
BAL – 29: Increasing levels of ember attack and ignition of debris with a heat flux of up to 29kW/m2
Roofing materials
Metal (Colorbond)
Wall materials (external and internal)
Recycled tyres rammed with earth
Window and door types
Clerestory windows
Double glazing
UPVc tilt and turn
Window and door shading
Recycled and reused
Sustainable materials
Timber framing from trees felled, cut and milled on site. Strawbales Site soil for cob, site rock for landscaping. Sn-site concrete made with site soil. Cob and lime renders.
Insulation - Under roof
Type: Spray foam
Healthy home
Cross flow ventilation
Indoor plants for air filtration
Lime render/wash
Low VOC paints/sealer/varnish
Energy star rating type
All electric home
Renewable energy
Solar PV grid connect
Size of PV system
Water heating
Hot water heat pump
Passive heating cooling
Cross ventilation
Passive solar designed home
Thermal mass
Active heating cooling
Ceiling fans
Heat pump
Energy efficiency
Draught proofing
Efficient lighting
Efficient appliances
Water harvesting and saving
Above ground rainwater storage
Type: Steel tank
Size: 75,000L
Low flow shower heads
Low flow taps
Edible garden
Native plants