Greenwood Residence 2018

Greenwood Residence
Gordonvale 4865
(Full address of homes will only be displayed 2 weeks prior to SHD)
12am – 4pm
House Open Style
Regular Guided Tours – No booking required
Housing Type
Display Home
Project Type
New Build
bàlay Vandyke Designs
Matt Greenwood Constructions
House Size
Number of bedrooms
Number of bathrooms

This pavilion-style residence was designed using a U-shaped layout that creates a very open home with minimal internal wall obstructions and therefore promoting passive ventilation, resulting in a very cool and comfortable home to live in.

Even a slight breeze will move through every corner of this home, allowing the occupants to keep the doors open and the air conditioning off. This feature reduces the overall running costs of the home and improves the livability of the indoor/outdoor spaces.

Louvres are positioned strategically in the home, such as beside the pool, to add to the natural cooling functions.

The large 1.5m eaves do a great job of shading the walls and windows of the house, to reduce the transfer of heat into the home and further promoting a cool home to live in.

Designed by bàlay Vandyke Designs and built by Matt Greenwood Constructions.


Total cost of home when constructed
Estimate of annual savings
Universal design accessability
Adaptive design
Universal Design Features
80cm minimum door opening width
Contrasting colours and material for vision impaired
Flush thresholds (no lip) to all external doors
Lever handles for doors (no knobs)
Ramps and path gradients must be less than 20:1
Pocket doors so that cabinet doors are out of the way
Semi-recessed basins
Window openings easily accessible
BAL Rating
BAL – Low: There is insufficient risk to warrant specific construction requirements
Roofing materials
Metal (colorbond)
Wall materials (external and internal)
Concrete blocks
Window and door types
Louvre windows
Sliding windows/doors
Pocket doors
Window and door shading
Extended eaves to keep the sun out
Insulation - Under roof
Type: Reflective foil
Rating: R3.0
Healthy home
Cross-flow ventilation
Natural light and ventilation
Energy star rating type
Energy star rating
7 Stars
All electric home
Passive heating cooling
Passive solar designed home
Active heating cooling
Ceiling fans
Split system air conditioner
Energy efficiency
Draught proofing
Efficient lighting
Efficient appliances
Water harvesting and saving
Low-flow shower heads
Low-flow taps