Mid Century House Extension 2020

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House Notes – Mid Century House Extension

Mid century architecture is known for its merging of form and function, where both building form and function are significant and relevant in their contribution. Alison and Ernie came to Positive Footprints to renovate and extend their mid-century home which sits on a raise, and provides a good vista of its neighbourhood, as well as serving a visual icon. They wished to provide an example of a sustainable extension with highly energy efficient outcome.

The original mid-century house though stylish, had disproportionate amount of glazing, sub-optimal orientation and suffered from excess condensation.

The renovation upgraded as well as balanced the amount of glazing, re-appointed the entry and merge the original and the new with a distinct roof form. The new upper storey follows a butterfly roofline which allows 7.8kW solar panel system to face north, and enhances the original iconic roofline.

An extension of the carport displays the honesty of structural beams, and provide visual interest from the kitchen window.

From the new front door, painted green against the dark painted brickwork, the Vic Ash timber staircase leads the eye up to both ornamental and functional balustrade. The internal roofline provides fun and interest to the new living spaces. Each room is bespoke, including laundry and bathrooms and is designed to capture light and sky where possible.

The owners sought to accentuate the mid-century aesthetic throughout the project including in exterior colour selection and interior design (by Greenroom Interiors) and garden design (Wells Design Landscapes & Gardens/Maple Leaf Gardens).

Thanks also to Thermotek Windows, Nordic Blinds, Solar Flow, Richmond Lighting, and Grandfathers Axe.

This house achieved a NatHERS rating of 7.1 stars using NatHERS accredited software.

Find out how the star ratings work on the Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme (NatHERS) website.


Years Open
    • Energy efficiency:
    • Draught proofing
      Efficient lighting
    • Passive heating cooling:
    • Cross ventilation
      Passive solar designed home
    • Active heating cooling:
    • Ceiling fans
      Split system airconditioner
    • Water harvesting and saving features:
    • Rainwater storage - Above ground
    • Above ground rainwater storage Type:
    • Rain water tank
    • Above ground rainwater storage Size
    • 5,000L and 2,000L
    • Energy Efficient Lighting
    • LED lights throughout
      Natural daylight
    • Window Protection:
    • Eaves
      Honeycomb blinds
    • Insulation Type:
    • Under-roof
      Internal walls
      External walls
    • Ceiling Type:
    • Bulk – glass wool
    • Ceiling Rating:
    • R5.0
    • Floor Type:
    • Bulk - polyester
    • Floor Rating:
    • R3.0
    • Under Roof Insulation Type:
    • Reflective foil
    • Under Roof Insulation Rating:
    • R1.8
    • Internal Walls Insulation Type:
    • Bulk – glass wool
    • Internal Walls Insulation Rating:
    • R2.5
    • External Walls Rating:
    • R2.7 & R2.3 (Envirowall blown in)
    • External Walls Type:
    • Blow in – mineral fibres
    • All-Electric Home?
    • No
    • Energy star rating:
    • 7.1 star
    • Renewable energy used:
    • Solar PV grid connect
    • Size of PV system:
    • 7kW
    • Total cost of home when constructed:
    • $462,000 (2019)
    • Cost estimate of sustainable home/features:
    • $30,000
    • House Size
    • 188m2
    • BAL Rating
    • No BAL rating requirements at time of construction
    • Roof
    • Metal (Colorbond)
    • Wall Materials
    • Brick veneer
      Lightweight construction (timber frame)
      Metal (Colorbond)

    • Wall Materials
    • James Hardie Scyon Axon
    • Window and Door Types
    • Casement
      Double glazing
      Tilt and turn
    • Universal Design Features
    • 80cm minimum door opening width
      100cm minimum door opening width

    • Universal Design Features
    • Bathroom and WC has blocking behind the tiled walls that enables the easy installation of grab rails when needed.
    • Number of bedrooms
    • 4
    • Number of bathrooms
    • 3
    • Healthy home features
    • Airtight house design
      Carpet free - tiles/concrete/timber flooring throughout
      Cross flow ventilation
      Low VOC paints/sealer/varnish
      Natural light and ventilation
Blackburn South VIC 3130
    • Housing Type:
    • Standalone House
    • Project Type:
    • Retrofit/addition
    • Builder
    • Positive Footprints Pty Ltd
    • Designer
    • Positive Footprints Pty Ltd

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