Thank you for your interest in participating in Sustainable House Day as a local community group or council.

What your participation means to us
Everything. Without the valuable contribution of community groups this wonderful initiative would not be possible. As a grassroots
event we aim to empower people to embrace eco-friendly and sustainable practices lifestyle. Through this peer to peer education
event, your valuable knowledge and experience will help us engage and inspire your community to take their own steps to living a
lighter existence on the planet as well as promote the benefits of sustainability. In exchange, we hope that you find participation in
this event rewarding. We thank you again for your time and support.

Partner Entitlements
As a partner, you will receive the following entitlements:
• Promoted as a community partner on the SHD2020 website with links through to nominated website
• Listed on each house that the community partner works with and links through to your nominated website
• Follow and supported on social media (Facebook and Instagram)
• Any events organised by your community group associated with sustainable houses and supporting the environment will be added to the SHD events calendar – artwork and information to be provided by you.

Partner Obligations
As a partner you are required to provide the following:
• Help source homes in the local area to open for SHD2020
• Provide additional support to the homeowners, in the lead up to and on the open day.
• Joint follow and support of SHD2020 through social media and promotion to your networks.
• Promotion of SHD2020 on your community group website, newsletters and E-Newsletters if applicable
• Help to source volunteers for the open day.

There is no cost associated with being a community partner of Sustainable House Day.