Please help us spread the word about Sustainable House Day by sharing our first promotional video for SHD 2018:

For 18 years, Sustainable House Day has inspired and motivated thousands across Australia to create their own energy efficient and comfortable homes. This video shows just a few of Victoria’s must see open houses, including:

  • MM House: this carefully crafted single dwelling caters for changing family dynamics by creating two adjustable and adaptive zones allowing a home not just for now, but to be grown into.
  • The Recyclable House – Beaufort: a cutting-edge example of the application of cradle-to-cradle design philosophy.
  • Clearwind House: passive solar, water saving system and productive garden. Absolutely worth a look!
  • Core 9: with the aim to develop homes that balance optimal energy efficiency, material sustainability and affordability, this house is a 9.1 star 3 bedroom home that achieves fantastic comfort level.

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