The intention of the SHAC group is to be a successful example of secure and affordable housing based on sustainable and creative environmental design for artists and creatives living in the Fremantle area.

The apartments they designed located in White Gum Valley use passive solar design principles taking advantage of the winter sun to the north and the cooling breezes of the Fremantle Doctor in the summer. The external walls and ceilings are all insulated to keep the temperature constant throughout the year, minimising the need for mechanical heating and cooling.

Car parking is located at one end of the property which has meant that uninterrupted landscaped areas around apartments promote interaction between residents. Water-wise landscaping has been provided which will keep the apartments cooler in summer. Bike parking areas have been integrated into the design, along with the locations ease of access to public transport this minimises the reliance on cars.

There are three SHAC apartments opening on Sustainable House days and tours of the apartments will be conducted at10 am, 11 am, 12 pm and 3 pm:

SHAC One Bed Apartments:

SHAC Two Bed Apartments:

SHAC Three Bed Apartments:

In addition to the homes both studio spaces will also be open to view on the day. To find out more the build and how the residents are going click here to read the SHAC blog.

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