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    Eco Home Stirling

    We feel that it would interest people to see our house again after 14 years of use, as a real lived in home. We can demonstrate how we actively manage its sustainable functions, alterations and corrections that we have found necessary (such as re-laying some of the incorrectly installed...
    Stirling, SA 5152
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    Greg's Grandpa Flat

    Greg's Grandpa Flat combines a number of environmentally sound principles in a new way. Concrete free means the major polluting element has been removed from this building and replaced with Surefoot footings and Hopleys trusses. Insulfloor and Nu tek walls and roof mean a highly efficient...
    Clarence Park, SA 5034
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    SUHOstudio House

    This passive design house requires no active heating or cooling. Built to a low air infiltration rate of 3.6 ACH@50 Pascals using Structural Insulated Panels (SIP); using internal thermal mass, double glazing, ‘coptered’ slab and smart glass with fixed and adjustable shading. These features all...
    Birkenhead, SA 5015
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    Barossa House

    This house has been owner built, we have an interest in permaculture and through that the house has arisen. The block of land is just under 1 acre with an extensive orchard and vegie patch.We have utilised water catching swales to help boost the subsoil moisture using road run off. This year we...
    Angaston, SA 5038
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    Passive Resistance House

    The Passive Resistance House features a combination of lightweight timber construction and reverse brick veneer, axon skyon cladding and colorbond corrugated iron with a few zincalume panels on the front. Polished concrete to all rooms except bedrooms which are carpeted. Inslab hydronic heating...
    Semaphore Park, SA 5019
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    70's house 6.5 star retro-fit

    Built in 1974, our double-brick house has raked ceilings with a 7cm roof space, wooden floors and mainly south windows. Looked great but thermally pathetic. On the up side I chose a design with no east / west windows, a white roof and orientated it with the living area facing (almost) north. Energy...
    Hope Valley, SA 5090
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    This is the third home to be developed at Lochiel Park Green Village by TS4 Living, the team behind Australia's first designed and built Zero Carbon House (winner of the SA Government Zero Carbon Challenge) and demonstrates what is possible on a small...
    Campbelltown, SA 5074
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    Bailey Residence

    This classic country home has been built with 3 key ideas in mind, minimal energy impact, fire safety and pleasure of use. This home is insulated such that heating and cooling will be required less than 10 days a year, effectively reducing the energy impact otherwise required. This is...
    Picadilly, SA 5151
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    Goolwa House

    The underlying principle of this house is that it will provide a low maintenance beach house that will be used in the first instance as a weekend retreat and later become a permanent dwelling. It is located in a highly corrosive environment 250 metres from breaking surf. The southern (rear)...
    Goolwa, SA 5214
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    Getting There

    The home is located in the beautiful South Coast region in the "Beyond Today" award winning development for sustainable living. The Beyond site is 90ha, 30ha of which is dedicated to housing with the remaining 60ha consisting of wetlands and forest. The home is designed to work with the...
    Hayborough, SA 5211
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    Earthship Ironbank

    Come and visit our Earthship that has been designed and constructed for its climate and self sufficient in electricity and water. Built by the community with natural and recycled materials - approximately 1000 car tyres rammed with earth used for load bearing wall construction.it also has an...
    Ironbank, SA 5153
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    Eco house – Margi and Charlie

    This two bed one bath home was built with stawbale for its unique insulating properties.  Orientation of the main living areas towards the north, to allow the sun in in winter, and not in summer. Thermal mass to store the heat from the sun in winter, and “coolth” in summer Timber framed...
    Lynton, SA 5062