Straithouse, EME Design • SHD2021 participating house

Thinking Paddock House, Open Creative Studio • SHD2021 participating house

Waterfall Valley Hut • SHD2021 participating house

Loretta’s Generational Home, David Pasquariello • SHD2021 participating house

Sustainable House Day provides the opportunity to explore some of Australia’s most unique and inspiring homes, and learn from the people who designed them, built them, and live in them.

Thank you for joining us on Sustainable House Day 2021! You can now view recordings of the event, bringing you in-depth information and insight into building or renovating sustainable homes.

Sponsors of Sustainable House Day

Explore participating homes

View sustainability credentials, watch house tour videos, and ask questions of the homeowners.

As well as the opportunity to explore homes all across Australia, Sustainable House Day includes a calendar of events featuring homeowners, designers and experts.

Sustainable House Day is coordinated by Renew, a not for profit organisation. All information sessions on the day are free — please consider making a donation or supporting the event as a sponsor.