The Sandhill, owner built by Lisa and Steve Booth • SHD2020 participants

Warehouse Greenhouse, Breathe Architects • SHD2020 participants

Davison Collaborative, Hip V. Hype • SHD2020 participants

Prefab Home, Ecoliv • SHD2020 participants

Piano House, TS4 Living • SHD2020 participants

Sustainable House Day provides the opportunity to explore some of Australia’s most unique and inspiring homes, and learn from the people who designed them, built them, and live in them.

Sustainable House day is happening on 17th October 2021. There are many ways to get involved: apply to virtually open your home, organise an event in your neighbourhood as a community partner, or sponsor the event.

Major supporters of Sustainable House Day


As well as the opportunity to explore homes all across Australia, Sustainable House Day includes a calendar of events featuring homeowners, designers and experts. Our 2021 program of events will launch in August 2021.

You can still explore the homes that participated in SHD2020.

View sustainability credentials, watch house tour videos, and ask questions of the homeowners. See all 176 homes →

Sustainable House Day is coordinated by Renew, a not for profit organisation. All information sessions on the day are free — please consider making a donation or supporting the event as a sponsor.