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This private home is a standard narrow-block design by a standard housing construction company – with sustainability taken to an 8 star rating by the owner. Completed in January, 2011, it sits on a 802 square meter block. Many similar blocks in the area are being subdivided, and whilst the build caters for this potentiality, it also demonstrates the future-proofing benefits of space in the form of a food garden and rainwater harvesting systems, including a storage bungalow.

Currently there are 4 people living at “Equanimity Foundation”; the owner and three long term house-mates. The house runs as a proto-type micro-community for a larger co-housing concept, where housemates pay $85 per week and do a minimum of 4 or 5 hours per week to cover accommodation. Anything consumed from the garden is deducted from their local complimentary currency account – LETS (Local Exchange Trading System, or CommunityExchange.net.au). Extra hours worked are credited to their LETS account. Fewer hours are made up in $s. Up to 50% of our food needs come from the garden; vegetables, fruit, nuts, roots, herbs, eggs and chickens. It demonstrates how a high quality of life can be achieved with minimal cash flow.

Access indoors is by tour only. There will be 5 tours from 10:30 – 2:30 on the half hours. Maximum of 15 people per tour.

Much of what happens here is inspired by the goals of The Zeitgeist Movement, one of the largest grass-roots online sustainability advocacy organizations.

Builders: Designer Homes Qld P/L (Andrew Black) and Garth Chapman Traditional Queenslanders’ draughtsman Kevin Hincksman

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