Exeter Strawbale Home

Exeter Strawbale Home
Exeter NSW 2579
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10am - 4pm
Housing Type
Standalone House
Project Type
New BuildContinual Improvement
Viva Living Homes
House Size
Number of bedrooms
Number of bathrooms

This house was built for a couple moving into retirement and is cob and mudbrick inside, strawbale external walls on a concrete stab. The strawbale construction and double glazing work with the northern aspect to create a very liveable home in winter and a cooler environment in summer.

Surrounded by productive vegetable gardens and fruit trees, the property is sustainable yet a lovely place to live.

3.6kw solar and 5kw LG battery were installed in 2017.

6.9 Southern Highlands.

Saving more for heating and cooling.

Designed by Arthur Lathouris and built by Viva Living Homes


Cost estimate of sustainable home/features
$100 000
Estimate of annual savings
Less for heating and cooling
Window and door types
Double glazing
Tilt and turn European style
Sustainable materials
Straw, cob, site soil internal render and mortar, mud brick, double glazing
Insulation - Ceiling
Type: Batts
Rating: R4
Insulation - Internal/external walls
Type: Strawbale and batts
Rating: R7+ for strawbale and R4 batts
Healthy home
Grimes earth paint, site soil internal render
Energy star rating type
Energy star rating
6.9 Southern Highlands (9.9 - Sydney)
Connected to gas?
Renewable energy
Solar PV grid connect
Energy storage
Size of PV system
Water heating
Solar hot water (evacuated tube)
Passive heating cooling
Cross ventilation
Solar passive
Active heating cooling
Ceiling fans
Slow combustion wood fire
Energy efficiency
Efficient lighting
Draught proofing
Efficient appliances
Water harvesting and saving
Underground storage
Above ground storage
Greywater system
Stormwater management
Low flow shower heads
Low flow taps
Drip irrigation
Using treated water from household water treatment tank on some ornamental gardens.Attempting control of water flow over block to encourage absorption
Garden / Outdoors
Drip irrigation
Water wise plants
Edible garden
Native plants
Attempting control of water flow over block to encourage absorption. Reusing all household water, after treatment, on ornamental garden.