Liberte 2018

Belgrave South VIC 3160
10am – 4pm
House Open Style
Open House – No booking required
Housing Type
Tiny Home – Transportable
Project Type
New Build
Off Grid Tiny Houses
Off Grid Tiny Houses
House Size
Number of bedrooms
Number of bathrooms

Liberté is a completely off-grid Tiny House on Wheels.

It features a standalone solar system with a 2.1kW PV array, 10kWh lithium-ion battery storage, Australian-made Selectronic battery inverter and ABB grid-tie inverter.

Designed for northern orientation, the home features double glazing and high-performance insulation throughout. A thermal break layer limits heating of the steel frame, and underfloor insulation is completely sealed. Exclusive use of LED lighting ensures a minimal load on the standalone system and a modern ‘no fuss’ composting toilet is installed with scope for greywater treatment/recycling. Water is heated by an efficient Bosch instant LPG system that uses water pressure for its ignition, and rainwater catchment is made possible by the installation of fascias around the roof’s perimeter. Liberté has been designed to be a completely autonomous housing solution that relies almost entirely on nature’s daily offerings for its full functionality as a small, modern home.

Designed and built by Off Grid Tiny Houses.


Years Open
Cost estimate of sustainable home/features
Total cost of home when constructed
Estimate of annual savings
Wall materials (external and internal)
Lightweight construction (steel frame)
Window and door types
Double glazing
Sustainable materials
Sustainable timbers were used for internal and external cladding, flooring, partitioning, bench and tabletops and cabinetry. Insulation batts were made from recycled materials.
Insulation - Ceiling
Type: High-performance Earthwool with 8mm thermal break layer, with aluminium on both faces
Rating: R3.0
Insulation - Internal walls
Type: High-performance Earthwool with 8mm thermal break layer, with aluminium on both faces
Rating: R3.0
Insulation - Under floor
Type: Bulk–- polystyrene board
Rating: R1.7
Healthy home
Airtight house design
Natural light and ventilation
No carpets
All electric home
Renewable energy
Energy storage/battery
Solar PV off-grid
Size of PV system
2.1kW solar / 10kWh battery storage / 5kW continuous battery inverter
Water heating
Bosch Hydropower Instant Hot Water LPG
Passive heating cooling
Passive solar designed home
Energy efficiency
Draught proofing
Efficient lighting
Efficient appliances
Energy monitoring
Water harvesting and saving
Rainwater catchment and greywater recycling may be installed on-site
Garden / Outdoors