Myrtle House 2019

Myrtle House
Myrtle Bank SA 5064
10am – 4pm
House Open Style
Regular Guided Tours – No booking required
Housing Type
Standalone House
Project Type
New Build
TS4 Living
Aria Homes
House Size
284m2 including garage
Number of bedrooms
Number of bathrooms

A TS4 Living home demonstrating that a large family can have a small environmental footprint.

The brief; replace an existing 1930’s house with a contemporary, low carbon footprint home, generous enough for a family of 6 people.

The response; a contemporary, 8.1 star, 5 bedroom home designed to minimize its carbon footprint, invite northern light into the living spaces and thermal conductivity into the bedrooms with generous doors and windows to enhance the connection from the outdoor to the indoor.

The single-storey home was designed to incorporate maximum solar gains in the winter, with the open living/dining/kitchen area facing north and deciduous vines along the outdoor area to prevent harsh summer sun from penetrating the windows during the summer. This approach allows the house to maintain cool temperatures even during extreme heatwaves without relying on the excessive use of air conditioning.

A generous 6.4kW solar panel array was incorporated into the design from concept stage and is controlled to supply the heat pump hot water system with power during the daytime. Winter sun shines onto the masonry stone wall that the bedrooms back onto, creating natural radiant heat and thermal store to significantly reduce the need for additional heating during winter for the family. In the summer the wall also acts as a thermal store of cooler nighttime air. Local materials have been sourced where possible to give the home a comfortable and welcoming first impression, adapting seamlessly into the site and surrounding neighbourhood.

Built by Aria Homes


Years Open
Cost estimate of sustainable home/features
Total cost of home when constructed
Estimate of annual savings
Universal design accessability
Adaptive design
Universal Design Features
80cm minimum door opening width
Hobless showers
Lever handles for doors (no knobs)
Minimum 110cm wide hallways
Ramps and path gradients must be less than 20:1
Remote power open and close doors
Rocker style light switches
Semi recessed basins
Slip resistant flooring
BAL Rating
BAL – Low: There is insufficient risk to warrant specific construction requirements
Roofing materials
Metal (Colorbond)
Wall materials (external and internal)
Insulated panels or blocks
Lightweight construction (timber frame)
High performance multi-layered construction with PIR rigid insulation board and CSR insulation products
Window and door types
Clerestory windows
Double glazing
Low-e, films
Sliding windows/doors
uPVC "Tilt Turn" windows
Window and door shading
Awnings (external)
Deciduous tree/vegetation
Recycled and reused
Sustainable materials
Sealed build envelope with microporous breathable build wrap and reflective rigid high performance non-combustible insulation beneath. An Air Change per Hour (ACH) rate 5 time lower that the typical Australian home without requiring a continuously running heat exchange system.
Insulation - Under roof
Type: Foil-faced insulation blanket
Rating: R1.35
Insulation - Ceiling
Type: Bulk – glass wool
Rating: R6.4 (summer/winter averaged)
Insulation - External walls
Type: Composite light weight timber frame, wall batt and rigid, high performance non-combustible insulation.
Rating: R5.6 (summer/winter averaged)
Insulation - Internal walls
Type: Bulk – glass wool
Rating: R2.4 (summer/winter averaged)
Healthy home
Airtight house design
Cross flow ventilation
Low VOC paints/sealer/varnish
Natural light and ventilation
All electric home
Renewable energy
Energy storage/battery
Solar PV grid connect
Size of PV system
Water heating
Hot water heat pump
Water heated by PV system
Passive heating cooling
Cross ventilation
Passive solar designed home
Thermal mass
Active heating cooling
Ceiling fans
Split system airconditioner
Nectre N60 Convection Wood Heater
Energy efficiency
Draught proofing
Efficient lighting
Efficient appliances
Energy monitoring
Water harvesting and saving
Above ground rainwater storage
Type: 1x Rainwater tank
Size: 22,500L
Stormwater management
Low flow shower heads
Low flow taps
Drip irrigation
Garden / Outdoors
Drip irrigation
Native plants
Water wise plants
Average Daily Energy Consumption Per Person
> 1kWh
Average Daily Water Usage Per Person
Waste Reduction