The Bunker 2017

The Bunker
Moorabbin VIC 3189
10am -4pm
Housing Type
Standalone House
Project Type
Earth House Australia
House Size
182m2 (19.6 Squares)
Number of bedrooms
Number of bathrooms

The Bunker was extended and renovated with a young growing family in mind. The owners were very conscious of sustainability and wanted a healthy, low impact, energy efficient home. By extending and renovating rather than a pull down and rebuild the home owners were able to cut costs along with minimising their landfill contribution and staying in the location they love. Timber, bricks and aggregate was reused, retro bathroom fittings were sold, plants were mulched, excess bricks, timber and plants were given away.

The original house was facing west so the rammed earth extension comprising of bedrooms was situated to the west and the living room and kitchen to the north east. The front of the house has high windows so from inside you can only see the trees.

All internal and external walls are insulated and all appliances energy efficient. The home has minimal need for heating/cooling as the passive solar orientation eliminates much of this. The west and south facing windows have “eyebrows” or awnings to assist with shade in the heat of the day. The solar power is on grid but battery ready so in the near future the family can go off grid. The home is on one level with a wide hallway so it is suitable for multi-generational living in future. The garden is a work in progress and eventually the rear garden will be an organic edible garden with chickens.

The Bunker was designed and built by Earth House Australia

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Years Open
Cost estimate of sustainable home/features
Universal Design Features
Adaptive design
Window and door types
Double glazing
Recycled and reused
Kitchen/bath cabinets
Original hot water service
Sustainable materials
Rammed earth, timber
Insulation - Ceiling
Type: Bulk
Rating: R4
Insulation - Internal/external walls
Type: Brick Veneer/Rammed Earth External. Internal plaster
Rating: Brick Veneer R2.5 Rammed Earth R2.8 Internal R2.5
Insulation - Under floor
Type: Waffle Pod Slab
Rating: Unknown
Healthy home
Low Voc Paints Non toxic timber floor sealer.
Connected to gas?
Renewable energy
Solar PV grid connect
Water heating
Reused original hot water service
Passive heating cooling
Cross ventilation
Active heating cooling
Zoned heating and cooling
Energy efficiency
Efficient lighting
Draught proofing
Efficient appliances
Water harvesting and saving
Above ground storage
Low flow shower heads
Low flow taps
Storage connected to
Garden / Outdoors
Water wise plants
Edible garden
Native plants
The garden is a work in progress and we will be hopefully completing the landscaping soon