The Cove – The Sociable Weaver 2019

The Cove – The Sociable Weaver
Cape Paterson VIC 3995
Full address will be displayed on 05 Sep 2019
10am – 4pm
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Open House – No booking required
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New Build
The Sociable Weaver
The Sociable Weaver
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The Cape Sustainable Development

Designed and built by The Sociable Weaver, the Cove design wraps around a central courtyard to provide a hidden oasis, inviting connection with nature while maintaining privacy. With three bedrooms on one arm of the u-shaped house, and the living/dining and master bedroom on the opposite arm, the Cove design is suitable for larger families. This unique design is suitable for any climate or setting (urban or rural), and would be particularly suited to areas that receive high winds, where the central courtyard can offer a retreat.


  • Passive solar design: Large double-glazed north-facing windows ensure maximum solar penetration in winter, heating the home naturally. The internal courtyard maximises northerly sun exposure to the rear three bedrooms, with a brick mass wall to hold heat
  • Thermal mass: A naturally burnished concrete slab and internal blockwork add thermal mass to the home to harvest and store solar heat
  • Courtyard design: Internal courtyard maximises northerly sun exposure to the rear bedrooms while also providing protection from southerly and westerly winds. For inhabitants, the courtyard provides another area to enjoy the outdoors and open the home to nature
  • 7.8 Star energy rating (and a higher energy rating can be achieved with design alterations).

Opening in conjunction with Live at the Cape and The Cape Inaugural Sustainable Street Party.

Designed and built by The Sociable Weaver.

This home will be one of ten homes open at The Cape for their annual Sustainable House Day Festival.

This house achieved 7.8 Stars using FirstRate5 software, to find out more about the NatHERS (Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme) click here


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Double glazing
All electric home
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