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House Notes – Bendigo Blue

I wanted to create a small, sustainable build on a subdivided suburban block that was affordable, as well as a distinctive and happy place to live. Having a small native garden, privacy and shade was also important, and we built on what was our neighbours backyard.

Building design had to fit in with neighbourhood character so a lot of effort was made to comply with Planning and Building permits. After a long and involved planning application which I did myself involving much research and a small thesis, I got my plans though council with just one alteration, no Zincalume to the street facade.

Some recycled materials have been used, as well as high levels of insulation. The house is orientated to the north and has a burnished concrete floor which is easy to keep clean and provides thermal mass to help passively heat and cool the house. The concrete floor is also great for allergies.
Low VOC materials have been used in the home and the high ceiling in living area gives space in smaller build.

Everything was considered for the budget and sustainable criteria. Hence budget double glazed windows. Lots of research as done to find end of line tiles and Ikea kitchen on special. A mix of materials was chosen including Weathertex, steel and recycled bricks. Blue coloured bricks were sourced on a trip to an organic pig farm near Daylesford where they had collected some to provide character for the front of the house.

I chose a local builder who I knew and trusted instead of working with an architect. This was again a budget decision as well.

The star rating energy program was challenging as although I was well over 7 stars, I had to reduce this to allow for extra wide eaves for hot Bendigo summers and a light roof for the same reason.

So far the house is working well. It needs little heating and cooling which is provided by a Reverse cycle unit and I have a heat pump providing hot water. The heat pump is set to come on once a day when the 3 KW solar will be providing the power. High levels of insulation including making the western wall wider to provide extra insulation.

I have a small water tank for my garden which is well under way with over 50 natives planted and also have a small veggie garden. Winter sun comes though my double glass doors and summer sun is excluded with the wide eaves. My garden at the front faces on to the street and has meant meeting new neighbours. In another 12 months I will have privacy and some shade for my west facing window which was a requirement for the neighbourhood character. I can walk into Bendigo and to a super market and post office.

Really I just love relaxing in my light and sunny space.

This house achieved a NatHERS rating of 6.9 stars using NatHERS accredited software. Find out how the star ratings work on the Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme (NatHERS) website.

Sustainability Features

Years Open
    • Energy efficiency:
    • Draught proofing
      Efficient lighting
      Efficient appliances
      Energy monitoring
    • Passive heating cooling:
    • Cross ventilation
      External planting
      Passive solar designed home
    • Active heating cooling:
    • Ceiling fans
      Split system airconditioner
    • Water heating:
    • Hot water heat pump
    • Water harvesting and saving features:
    • Rainwater storage - Above ground
      Low flow shower heads
    • Average water consumption per day:
    • 0.1kL
    • Above ground rainwater storage Type:
    • Poly tank
    • Above ground rainwater storage Size
    • 2,000L
    • Energy Efficient Lighting
    • LED lights throughout
      Natural daylight
    • Window Protection:
    • Deciduous tree/vegetation
    • Sustainable materials:
    • Air gaps
    • Recycled and reused materials:
    • Appliances
      Light fixtures / fittings
    • Insulation Type:
    • Under-roof
      Internal walls
      External walls
    • Ceiling Type:
    • Bulk – polyester
    • Ceiling Rating:
    • R4.5
    • Floor Type:
    • Wafflepod
    • Floor Rating:
    • R0.6
    • Under Roof Insulation Type:
    • Reflective foil
    • Under Roof Insulation Rating:
    • R0.7
    • Internal Walls Insulation Type:
    • Bulk – glass wool
    • Internal Walls Insulation Rating:
    • R2.5
    • External Walls Rating:
    • R3.0
    • External Walls Type:
    • Bulk – glass wool
    • All-Electric Home?
    • Yes
    • Renewable energy used:
    • Solar PV grid connect
    • Size of PV system:
    • 3kW
    • Average Daily Energy Consumption:
    • 2.8kWh
    • Total cost of home when constructed:
    • 210,000
    • Cost estimate of sustainable home/features:
    • 5,000
    • Estimate of annual savings:
    • 1,200
    • House Size
    • 78m2 plus 4m2 deck
    • BAL Rating
    • BAL – Low: There is insufficient risk to warrant specific construction requirements
    • Roof
    • Metal (Colorbond)
    • Wall Materials
    • Brick veneer
      Metal (Colorbond)
      Metal (Zincalume)

    • Wall Materials
    • Weathertex
    • Window and Door Types
    • Double glazing
      Sliding windows/doors
    • Universal design accessability
    • Adaptive design
    • Universal Design Features
    • Lever handles for doors (no knobs)
      Shower head on rail for various heights
      Window openings easily accessible
    • Number of bedrooms
    • 2
    • Number of bathrooms
    • 1
    • Garden / Outdoors
    • Composting
      Edible garden
      Local indigenous plants
      Native plants
      Water wise plants
    • Waste Reduction Practices:
    • Book exchange/library
      Compost all food scraps
      Swap with friends and neighbours
      Waste free/reduced construction site
    • Healthy home features
    • Carpet free - tiles/concrete/timber flooring throughout
      Chemical free cleaning products used
      Cross flow ventilation
      Low VOC paints/sealer/varnish
      Natural fibre furnishings
      Natural light and ventilation
      Natural oil sealer/finishes
      VOC free paints/sealer/varnish
Kennington VIC 3550
    • Housing Type:
    • Standalone House
    • Project Type:
    • New Build
    • Open with support of
    • Bendigo Sustainability Group
    • Builder
    • Wild Homes
    • Designer
    • Wild Homes builders and joint designers with owner.

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