Lakeside Drive Community Garden 2020

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House Notes – Lakeside Drive Community Garden

Lakeside Drive Community Garden is a welcoming space where all members of the community can come together to share skills, local and traditional knowledge and innovative ways of living sustainably. Collectively we will create a thriving, healthy centre for producing food, knowledge and inspiration based on permaculture ethics, principles and design.

Our Permaculture based Community garden showcases local ways to grow food, improve health, meet people, and cultivate vibrant communities. Our aim as a community garden is to:

  • Allow people to grow their own vegetables, fruit, herbs and flowers
  • Contribute to building an ecologically viable and socially just food system
  • Be a convivial way of getting fresh air and exercise with no gym fees
  • Foster community engagement and a culture of generosity, reciprocity, trust and self-help
  • Run workshops to learn about gardening and share local and traditional knowledge
  • Preserve and improve the precious green spaces in urban environments
  • Develop innovative ways of living sustainably in the city
  • Create art projects, community events, celebrations, workshops, and much more
  • Provide opportunities for cultural exchange and learning.

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Years Open
    • Passive heating cooling
    • External planting
    • Water harvesting and saving
    • A new watering system that is grant funding is currently being designed and installed
Renewable Energy Specifications
    • All electric Garden
    • No
Garden Design Specifications
    • Wall Materials
    • Aerated concrete
    • Universal Design Features
    • Minimum 110cm wide pathways
      No stairs/steps
Garden and Waste Reduction
    • Waste Reduction Practices
    • Book exchange/library
      Compost all food scraps
      Make jams/conserves
      Plastic free household
Alawa NT 0810
Garden Type
    • Type
    • Edible Garden
    • Chosen Charity
    • Lakeside Drive Community Garden

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