LAROS Passive House Showroom 2023

House Notes – LAROS Passive House Showroom

LAROS have been Passive House advocates and supplier of PH advice and products for over a decade. Our new location allowed us to build our own Passive House within our typical Australian commercial shed, allowing us all year comfort and climate resilience in our new compact office space.

After years of seeing designers and builders struggle detailing the Passive House components (air tightness, Energy or Heat Recovery Ventilation Systems, Structural Thermal Breaks, Engineering Consultancy etc…) LAROS has embraced these shortfalls of industry knowledge and we’ve developed our own timber prefabricated building solution!

The natural beneficial thermal properties of timber became an obvious fit. With low embodied energy, carbon sequestration, humidity buffering, high strength to weight, low thermal bridging and psychological benefits. Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) is gaining traction in Australia with faster build times. We’ve gone a step further with our prefab panels to also deliver airtightness, bulk insulation and weathertightness to further speed construction while reducing weight and cost.

To test the concept, we designed and built our new office and showroom as a certified PH commercial building with two key objectives:
1. Designing, constructing & certifying to Passive House.
2. Trialling prefabricated prototypes to deliver airtightness, high quality finish, durability, construction speed and low-cost.
In this presentation we explore prototyping results across airtightness, thermal insulation, and thermal bridge mitigation. We cover some challenges of PH design for commercial buildings arising from many primary energy appliances and high occupancy compared to residential buildings.

While you might expect such a prototype structure to look disjointed – it’s a testament to the commitment and expertise of our factory team that it looks absolutely beautiful. A living and working space where people can thrive. We’ve left cutaways throughout to let you better understand how these building materials all come together.

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