Slavin Architects Office 2018

North Fremantle WA 6159
    • Housing Type:
    • Office
    • Open House Style
    • Open House - No Booking required
    • Open Hours
    • 10am - 2pm
    • Builder
    • Richard Harris Construction
    • Designer
    • Slavin Architects

Several years ago we had the pleasure of designing our own purpose built office building, which enabled us to implement for ourselves many of the sustainable design features we’ve been implementing for others over the past 30 years. We firmly believe that if you’re going to preach it, you’d better practice it!

Our office building puts to commercial use remnant land that is not suitable for residential living. Situated on the train line and Tydeman road, proximity to heavy traffic routes that would be a drawback for residents is of benefit to our employees who choose to ride, walk or catch public transport to work. End of trip facilities (shower, change room) and bike racks are provided.

Floor to ceiling windows on the north and south facing sides of the building let natural light flood in, though blinds can be drawn down for shade.

The building is constructed in part from insulated concrete panels, ensuring effective thermal regulation in peak summer and winter conditions. Operable louvres, which are rare in corporate office buildings, allow for natural airflow, and our Climate Wizard air conditioning uses 80% less power than conventional systems. Tanks beneath the building captures rain water, which is used for our toilets and reticulation.

Our carport has been designed to have the provisions and correct orientation for installation of solar panels, which will (with the batteries) eventually take our external energy requirements to zero.

Designed by Slavin Architects.


Years Open
    • Energy efficiency:
    • Draught proofing
      Efficient lighting
      Efficient appliances
    • Passive heating cooling:
    • Cross ventilation
      Passive solar designed home
      Thermal chimney
      Thermal mass
    • Active heating cooling:
    • Split system airconditioner
    • Active heating cooling:
    • Climate Wizard is an air conditioner that uses an indirect evaporative heat exchange core that provides hyper-efficient cooling.
    • Recycled and reused materials:
    • Bottles
      Roofing material
    • Water heating:
    • Solar hot water (evacuated tube)
    • Water harvesting and saving features:
    • Underground rainwater storage
      Grey water system
      Stormwater management
      Low flow shower heads
      Low flow taps
      Drip irrigation
    • Underground rainwater storage type:
    • Li-Lo Flat Rainwater Tank
    • Underground rainwater storage Size:
    • 2 x 1600L
    • Energy Efficient Lighting
    • LED lights throughout
      Natural daylight
    • Electric Vehicle?
    • No
    • Garden / Outdoors
    • Composting
      Drip irrigation
      Edible garden
      Green walls
      Native plants
      Water wise plants
    • Garden / Outdoors
    • Worm farm
    • Healthy home features
    • Airtight house design
      Cross flow ventilation
      Indoor plants for air filtration
      Low VOC paints/sealer/varnish
      Natural light and ventilation
      Wax based sealer/finish
    • Healthy Home
    • Climate Wizard is an air conditioner that uses an indirect evaporative heat exchange core that provides hyper-efficient cooling
    • All-Electric Home?
    • Yes
    • Insulation Type:
    • Under roof
      External Walls
    • Ceiling Type:
    • Bulk - glass wool
    • Ceiling Rating:
    • R2.0
    • Window Protection:
    • Awnings (external)
    • Under Roof Insulation Type:
    • Bulk - polystyrene board
    • Under Roof Insulation Rating:
    • R5.1
    • External Walls Rating:
    • R2.3
    • External Walls Type:
    • 260mm Concrete Sandwich Panel with 50mm Polyisocyanurate (PIR) Board Insulation
    • BAL Rating
    • BAL – Low: There is insufficient risk to warrant specific construction requirements.
    • House Size
    • 267m2
    • Number of bedrooms
    • 1
    • Number of bathrooms
    • 2
    • Roof
    • Metal (Colorbond)
    • Wall Materials
    • Other
    • Wall Materials
    • Insulated concrete panels
    • Window and Door Types
    • Awning
      Louvre windows
      Low-e, films
    • Universal design accessability
    • Adaptive design
      Disability access
      Universal Access
      Wheelchair Access
    • Universal Design Features
    • 80cm minimum door opening width
      Contrasting colours and material for vision impaired
      Flush thresholds (no lip) to all external doors
      Hobless showers
      Lever handles for doors (no knobs)
      Minimum 110cm wide hallways
      No Corner cupboards
      Power points at 60cm above floor level and 50cm from internal corners
      Ramps and path gradients must be less than 20:1
      Self closers to all external doors
      Semi recessed basins
      Shower head on rail for various heights
      Slip resistant flooring
      Space around toilets for ease of access in wheelchairs
      Strong fittings like towel rails that can be used as hand rails
      Tapware to be easily accessed from outside the shower
      Window openings easily accessible
    • Universal Design Features
    • Universal Accessible Shower and Toilet