Show your support for sustainable living

“Bank Australia’s support of the Sustainable House Day initiative run by Renew was a very successful campaign for our organisation. Of key concern to our organisation are the impacts of climate change and the benefits of environmentally sustainable living.

As this event directly activates consumers to consider environmental upgrades, purchases and sustainable living; it provided Bank Australia an ideal opportunity to promote its offer to this community making both successful environmental and commercially beneficial outcomes.”
Bank Australia, 2016 – 2019 SHD National Sponsor

Sustainable House Day has a proven impact on people’s behavior, and is the perfect vehicle for an organisation to promote products and services to home owners Australia wide. We invite organisations’ interested in the creation of healthy homes and lifestyles to sponsor this innovative event via one of our cost effective and valuable sponsorship packages.

The CRC for Low Carbon Living came on board to assist with pre and post event surveys. The results were compelling:

  • 27% of attendees had already taken action and implemented sustainable design and/or features in their homes
  • 89% were planning to include sustainable design and/or features in the near future to their homes
  • 53% of participants have already had face to face conversations with family and friends sharing their experience and learning from SHD
  • 80% Feel more confident talking to building professionals about including sustainable features in their homes

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