Yr Ogof Ddyn

Yr Ogof Ddyn, meaning ‘The Man Cave’ in Welsh, is a small residence located in north-east Victoria. Despite its small size, this home is ticking all the boxes in terms of sustainability. Its well insulated roof and the combination of clay, sand and straw walls provide enough comfort that no additional heating or cooling systems […]

Oh what an improvement!

This 60’s brick veneer home radiated potential and has undergone the transformation which has turned it into a beautiful energy efficient home which is now largely self sufficient. In addition to installing energy efficient appliances this home runs off  8.4kWh solar array, and 6kWh batteries. Along with being self sufficient with energy the owners have […]

Event: Speed Date A Sustainability Expert

Are you renovating or building and looking for environmentally friendly options? Thinking about solar power or solar hot water? Redesigning your garden or wanting to create a rooftop garden? Get advice and tips from Australia’s leading green architects and experts on energy efficient products, solar, green roofs and more at Speed Date a Sustainability Expert. […]

5 things you may not know about SHD

1. SHD has been around for more than a decade. It has helped create a positive impact for hundreds of thousands of people looking to make their homes and lives more sustainable through peer to peer influence and inspiration. 2. SHD participating houses are private properties open for public visiting. The home owners or sometimes architects/builders […]